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Mission, Vision, and Values

About Us

Mission: We provide a caring foundation for student success

Vision: Working together to achieve success for all

Values: Caring, Empathy, Fairness, Honesty, Perseverance, Resilience, Respect and Responsibility

School Success Plan-CREW

Please see below for a copy of our School Success Plan. Our focus will be on reading and our lofty goal is to have 85% of all of our students reading at or above grade level.

We need your support to reach this goal - please consider volunteering to read with our students at the school. We will provide you with the training required and reading packages for the children. Even thirty minutes a week can make a huge difference.

Russell Public School Success Plan

Provide a caring foundation for student success

Communication: Students will benefit from increased student, parent, school staff and community understanding of the expected literacy levels and skills and the role each partner plays in achieving these levels.

*100% of students, staff, parents and community members will have information on the overall goals of the school and updates on the initiative regarding student achievement in literacy. i.e. Literacy levels, literacy strategies, available resources

Resources: Students and staff will have access to the necessary tools/resources/strategies required to achieve or exceed grade level reading requirements.

*100% of students will have access to and use appropriate literacy materials (i.e. leveled books, guided reading materials)

*Funding initiatives will be focused towards acquiring literacy resources

*All students in grade 3 and higher will be taught to use Assistive Technology

*School Advisory Council will promote literacy activities for parents and community members (i.e. Literacy Nights)

Educational Programs: Students will reach or exceed their grade appropriate reading levels in order to achieve a 90% high school graduation rate.

*85% of students will read at or above grade level and demonstrate comprehension in written, scribed or oral responses

*100% of targeted Michelangelo students will be able to read appropriate level material and demonstrate their understanding in written, scribed or oral responses.

Wellness: Students and staff will benefit from wellness initiatives that support student learning.

*Students will show increased self-esteem and improved attitude towards reading and academic work

*Staff will receive support and on-going PD to refine and improve literacy teaching strategies

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